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Product name: XPR2A Series High-Voltage Liquid Resistance Soft Starting Cabinet
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XPR2A Series High-Voltage Liquid Resistance Soft Starting Cabinet

Application and Characteristics:
Soft starting (see diagram 2.1.1 for starting current curve),the starting current is 2-3.3 times than the motor rated current,which reduces the starting heat of the motor and effectively plolongs the motor operation life.
It is ensured that the motor can be successfully started on the first test run,which won't be affected by voltage fluctuation of the power network and the load alteration.
It starts smoothly and has no impact on the mechanical devices(see diagram 2.1.2).
It has small effect on the power network,and the voltage decrease of the power network during starting is within 5%.
Simple structure,it is easy to maintain.

1.Application and Characteristics
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3.Application and Characteristics
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